Operational and strategic purchasing

Purchasing covers up to 70% of the company's turnover

Operational activity is the corner stone of business, Strategy is the way to achieve the company's vision

Nowadays Purchasing is becoming the key function of the organization, covering from 30 to 70% of the turnover, therefore, directly influencing financial stability, profitability and competitiveness of the company.

Expertise of TRIANGLUM - practical experience in the procurement of the automotive industry and engineering, the oil and gas industry, metallurgy, microelectronics and the FMCG sector.

Operational purchasing
  • Purchasing structure analysis and optimization
  • Purchasing KPIs analysis and upgrading;
  • Macroeconomic risks management tools implementation: IM, IRM and Non IRM, CBM *;
  • Analytical purchasing implementation and development:
  • Build up the culture of Gemba*-visits и Monozukuri * program at suppliers:
  • Еxpertize and support on sourcing activity;
  • Assistance to automatization of purchasing activities;
  • Purchasing competences assessment and working-out employees development programs.

* KPIKey Performance indicators

* IM — Inflation management

* IRM и Non IRM — Indexable and Non-Indexable materials management

* CBM— Currency basket  management

* Gemba - Japanese term meaning the actual place, where value is created or where the service provider interacts directly with the customer

* Monozukuri - synthesis of technological processes, know-how and spirit of Japan's manufacturing practices aimed on cost optimization

Strategic purchasing
  • Risks analysis and suppliers assessment based on QCDDM criteria;
  • Supplier Intelligence (SI) analysis - complex analysis on purpose of  strategic cooperation;
  • Project Purchasing set up;
  • Effective sourcing processes implementation;
  • Commodity management and Commodity Road maps implementation;
  • Commodity Cross-functional teams set up;
  • Long-term strategies development;
  • Training programs.

* QCDDM - Quality Cost Delivery Development Management


We perform programs for the comprehensive development of employee`s competencies and programs of expert mentoring in the area of operational and strategic procurement:

2 days in purchasing


  • Purchasing vs Sales: glance from inside and outside;
  • DECI* matrix;
  • Creation of common communication interface;
  • Balance of interests and power;
  • Getting new business: criteria, approaches, cheat codes;
  • «Win-Win» negotiations:

- the third alternative;

- key success factors.

Purchasing guide 4.0


  • Purchasing: fundamentals;
  • Analytics in purchasing: basis for success negotiations;
  • Gemba purchasing: What, How, Why?
  • Advanced negotiations:

QCDDM supplier`s performance.

Negotiation tactics;

  • From tactics to strategy. Cross-functional management.


Mentoring program for middle and top level management:

  • «BMW» – Best Management Way: development of key manager`s roles as Leader, Mentor, Innovator;
  • Agenda type for managers;
  • Cross-functional matrix: roles and tasks;
  • Gemba and Monozukuri purchasing: world best practices;
  • Commodity road map.
How to become


  • Key criteria of supplier selection by the major OEMs (cheat codes, how to become a supplier);
  • Preparation of supplier for audits (quality, engineering, finance, etc.);
  • Assistance in preparation of the Technical Commercial Offer and building strategies to get a new business.